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Are you ready to add some Belgian/Luxembourg fun to your Singaporean life? We cannot wait to get to know you and your family! Everyone is welcome; membership is open to all nationalities, not just Belgians and Luxembourgers.

What do you need to know about our memberships?

  • You can choose from different membership types to best suit your personal or family situation.
  • Any membership is valid for a 12-month period starting from the day of registration.
  • Members will receive an automatic membership renewal reminder one month before the expiration date.
  • BLAS gives back to its members: members will enjoy all events at or below actual cost.
  • Most events are exclusively open to members only, unless stated otherwise.
  • All fees are in SGD and per year.

Did you know that BLAS is run by volunteers only? Show us your appreciation by becoming a member today!


For families with (younger) children

SGD 200 / 12 months

Couples without children.

SGD 170 / 12 months
Single 30+

Individual Membership for a single person older than 30.

SGD 90 / 12 months

Individual Membership for people who are 30 or younger.

SGD 70 / 12 months
Single Parent Family

For single parent (1 adult) families with (younger) children

SGD 120 / 12 months