BLAS Committee

Meet Team BLAS

This team of volunteers is pleased to organise BLAS activities and events for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of us.

Wesley Boers

Wesley arrived in Singapore in 2018 with his wife Erika and their 2 children. Graduated as an engineer, Wesley is now active as an innovation coach. He joined BLAS in 2018, and became BLAS President in 2021. Next to coaching, Wesley enjoys spending time with his family, and has a passion for endurance sports (swimming, biking, running).

Laure-Anne Krug

Laure-Anne has been in Singapore since 2019. She joined the BLAS team shortly after her arrival. As BLAS Treasurer Laure-Anne is responsible for the accounting, but she also manages the website and organises toddlers playdates.
Els has been in Singapore since 2014. As the BLAS Secretary, she manages the membership administration. Els is a relief teacher and a Home Language teacher Dutch. She is a keen reader and Mahjongplayer and loves travelling around Asia.
Caroline has been in Singapore since 2019 and is a keen participant of the walking and mahjong groups. She joined the BLAS Committee in 2020 and provides communication and system support to the team.

Ingeborg Neels

Social Media
Inge has been living in Singapore since 2017. Back in Belgium, she used to teach Photoshop and lightroom, so she likes photography and the digital world. Within BLAS, she is responsible for the social media accounts.
Event Manager
Katleen has been in Singapore since 2013 and joined the BLAS Committee in 2014. Today she is managing the BLAS Cooking Club & Walking Group, she also organises cultural tours and other fun BLAS events.

Liesbeth Van Baelen

Event Manager
Liesbeth is in Singapore for the second time around. After leaving her job, she joined the committee. Her interests are in arts & history and loves to share a meal with friends. Liesbeth is responsible for organising events.

Moniek Kasbergen

Event Manager
Moniek became a BLAS member within a few weeks after she arrived in Singapore in 2019 and joined the Committee in 2021. With her background in events management, she loves to organise social gatherings with food and drinks.

Ilse Clement

Event Manager
Ilse has been in Singapore since 2021. She joined the BLAS team shortly after her arrival. Her interests are in sports and culture. She loves to bring people together and she enjoys supporting the BLAS events.
Event Manager
Dominique and her family arrived in 2020 in Singapore.
She is interested  in history, healthy food, sports and well-being. Taking care of her family is her passion.
Dominique enjoys supporting the BLAS organisation with events.
Event Manager
Debbie is driven by being creative, social, independent and loves organising events that make people happy. 
She has started her Singapore adventure together with her husband to explore new horizons and connect with new people. Sports, social events and baking are just a few of the things that she loves doing.